The Institute for the Animal Production System in the Mediterranean Environment (ISPAAM) was established in May 2002 from the merger of the Institute for the study of Cattle and Buffalo Adaptation to the Southern Environment (IABBAM-CNR), founded in 1974 in Naples, and the Centre for the Studies on Mediterranean Pastures (CSPM-CNR), established in Sassari in 1984.

ISPAAM takes interdisciplinary interest on animal production research themes by using a systemic approach. The whole productive system is considered, moving from plant/animal farming up to product quality.

ISPAAM mission concerns the enhancement of the forage-livestock system sustainability by optimizing the yield-quality product relation to respond to consumer/market requests, minimizing farming environmental impact.

Based on its expertise, ISPAAM acts as a research reference on animal production themes either for CNR (as preferential Institute dealing with these issues) and other related National Institutions. Such condition offers the chance to harmonize research activities on animal/plant/microorganism biology and biodiversity, forage production, livestock farming environments, genetic improvement of animal/plant resources, and animal-derived products/materials by activating institutional networking to achieve an effective National programming. ISPAAM also acts as an active center for the study of above-mentioned themes in the Mediterranean areas and privileged counterpart for relations with similar research Institutions from other countries.

ISPAAM is a part of the Department of Biological, Agricultural and Food Sciences of the National Research Council.