Native Plant species for Forage & Multipurpose uses

This research activitys wants do accomplish the current and future requirements of multifunctional agriculture for production, energy, environment and public health. The following research activities are aimed at the exploitation of plant germplasm and are focused on the study of plant bio-agronomic and ecological traits, plant secondary metabolites, plant-microbe interactions, and inorganic pollutants on pastureland species:

  • Collection and characterization of native plants and related microorganisms
  • Forage legumes for pasture, fodder and alternative uses
  • Forage quality and symbiotic N-fixation
  • Plant secondary metabolites for animal well-being and as natural biocides
  • Heavy metals contaminants in the food chain
  • Biomass production for energetic purposes


Simonetta Bullitta

Antonello Franca

Rosella Muresu

Giannella Piluzza

Claudio Porqueddu

Giovanni Antonio Re

Federico Sanna

Leonardo Sulas


Daniele Dettori

Salvatore Nieddu

Piero Saba

Maddalena Sassu

AntonPietro Stangoni