Animal Cytogenetics and Genomics


The research activities aim to the genetic improvement of farm animals and both human and animal health monitoring by integrated approaches:

  • Genetic selection of free chromosome abnormality reproducers, cause of ipofertility or sterility, through karyotype analysis.

  • Phylogenetic comparison studies among the major livestock species, through high resolution banding techniques and comparative FISH analysis.

  •  The extension of cytogenetic maps of farm animals, through FISH analysis, essential for advanced studies of genes related to both fertility and qualitative-quantitative animal productions.

  • Environmental monitoring, through “animal sentinel systems” (local animals), gives health information by chromosome damage analysis, due to the presence of several environmental contaminants, potentially hazardous to other animals or humans.


Associate Researcher:

Leopoldo Iannuzzi

Alfredo Pauciullo


Angela Perucatti

Alessandra Iannuzzi


Viviana Genualdo


Domenico Incarnato

Cristina Rossetti

Institute for the Animal Production System in the Mediterranean Environment