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Rumen & Food Microbiology

Rumen & Food Microbiology



This research activity focuses on:

  • The isolation and study of ruminal and lactic acid microorganisms, their use to improve fibre digestion in ruminants and feed detoxification, and the study of their specific enzymes.
  • The study of microorganisms used in the production of fermented foods, the development of strategies to ensure food safety and the management of antimicrobial resistance. The scientific expertise is primarily in microbiology and molecular biology, with a focus on the study of complex microbial communities, evaluating the interaction between food microbiota and bioactive compounds in in vitro and in vivo models.
  • Topics in ruminal and food microbiology are studied by integrating knowledge of microbial genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and mathematical modelling of animal-microorganism interactions.


Main goals:

  • Rumen and food microbiology
  • Bacterial detoxification
  • Food fermentation microorganisms
  • Food safety
  • Management of Antimicrobial  Resistance
  • Mathematical models


Giuseppe Maglione

Giuseppe Maglione -Researcher-

Franca Polimeno

Franca Polimeno -Researcher-

Rosario Rullo

Rosario Rullo -Researcher-

Paola Zinno

Paola Zinno -Researcher-

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