Sustainable development of Farming & Agropastoral systems


The aim of the research line is improving the resilience and sustainability of farming and agro-silvo-pastoral systems in a context of climate change mitigation. The main objectives of this activity are focused at minimizing the ecological impacts of farm management, at exploiting the use of Mediterranean grassland species and their mixtures, and at promoting permanent grassland-based farming systems as key factors for enhancing the multi-functionality of the different breeding activities. Research is focus on:

  • Introduction of native pasture species in rain-fed farming systems
  • Environmental impact of traditional and innovative farming practices
  • Development of more resilient and more water- and energy-efficient farming systems with greater diversification and biodiversity
  • Innovation of agro-silvo-pastoral farming management
  • Grassland rehabilitation in disturbed areas


Antonello Franca

Claudio Porqueddu

Giovanni Antonio Re

Federico Sanna


Daniele Dettori

Salvatore Nieddu

Piero Saba

Maddalena Sassu

AntonPietro Stangoni

Institute for the Animal Production System in the Mediterranean Environment