Claudio Porqueddu


porquedduDirector of Research

E-mail:; CNR PAGE
Phone: +39 079 2841604
Fax: +39 079 2841699
Mobile phone: +39 3665766902

Address: CNR-ISPAAM UOS di Sassari, Traversa La Crucca 3, Loc. Baldica Sassari – Italy

Education and Professional Experience

2015 Member of Executive Committee of the European Grassland Federation.
2014 Member as expert of the EIP-AGRI Focus Group on “Profitability of permanent Grassland” funded by the European Commission.
2011-2015 Scientific responsible for the CNR-ISPAAM research group of the PF7-EU Project OPTIMA on the “Optimization of perennial grasses for biomass production in marginal areas”.
2012-2016 Scientific responsible for the CNR-ISPAAM research group of ERANET ARIMNET Project REFORMA on “Resilent, water-and energy efficient forage and feed crops for Mediterranean agricultural systems”.
2011 Responsible of the CNR – ISPAAM (Institute for Animal Production System in Mediterranean Environment) research unit based in Sassari.
2010 Head of the CNR-ISPAAM Research Task titled “Bioagronomic studies for multipurpose Mediterranean pasture and forage resources.”
2008 Member of the International Grassland Congress Continuing Committee as representant for Region 8 including the Mediterranean countries and Middle East.
2008 Associate Editor of the international Journal “Grass and Forage Science”
2007 Coordinator of the FAO-CIHEAM Inter-regional Cooperative Research and Development Network on Mediterranean Forage Resources.
2002-2007 Member of the National board of Italian Society of Agronomy.
2001 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Algerian Journal of Arid Areas.
2001 Senior Researcher at CNR
1997 Researcher at CNR
1984 Degree on Agriculture Science – Sassari University.

agronomy of pasture and forage crops, evaluation and multiplication of native legume and grass species for multi-functions, sustainability of farming systems, cover crops.

Selected pubblications


  1. Vagnoni E., Franca A., Breedveld L., Porqueddu C., Ferrara R., Duce P. (2015). Environmental performances of Sardinian dairy sheep production systems at different input levels. Science of the total environment, 502: 354-361.
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  8. Porqueddu C., R.A.M. Melis, G.A. Re, M. Usai and M. Marchetti (2012). Bio-agronomic traits of Psolarea bituminosa and P. morisiana accessions collected in Sardinia. Options mèditerranèennes, serie A: Mediterranean seminars n° 102, 139-143.
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