Fiorella Sarubbi



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Phone: +390815966006

Fax: +390815965291

Address: ISPAAM-CNR, via Argine 1085, 80147 Naples

Education and Professional Experience

2014 at present time: correlator for a thesis in applied biology address nutrition at University of Naples “Federico II”
2014: tutor for an internship the length of 400 hours under the Training Project “Genopom”
2013: Coordinator of the Working Group on Livestock biological theme of the Italian Network for Research in biological Agriculture (RIRAB)
2012 at the present time: served as auditor for articles in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science and Animal Science Italian Journal
2008: tutor for a doctoral thesis in Production and Health Food of Animal Origin
2008: Scientific responsibility with the agreement reached between the CRA and CNR ISPAAM as part of the Research Project: Development of systems of forage-livestock Mediterranean determinants specific qualities in animal products (MeZoo)
2002 at the present time : Responsibility of the Laboratory of Nutrition and Food at ISPAAM, Naples
2002:specialization in the School of Homeopathic Medicine at the headquarters of LUIMO (Free International University of Homeopathic Medicine) in Naples, organized dall’AFOV (Florence Academy of Medicine
2001: Researcher (permanent position)
2001: Contract for work ERDF Measure II.1 POP Research and Technological Development at ISPAAM
1999: scholarship banned by the CNR (National Research Council) – IABBAM (Institute Adapting Cattle and Buffaloes Environment of the South) under the Operational Programme 1994/99 “Research and technological development advanced training” Subprogram 1 – Measure 1 Higher education, under the ‘Biotechnology innovative and nutrition in ruminants. Mathematical Models for the optimization of the system production animal
1997 at the present time: Expert buffalo Species
1995: the winner of the eleventh cycle of the PhD in Animal Science of Livestock, Department of Animal Science and Food Inspection, University of Naples “Federico II”
1995: Collaboration agreement with the Department of Animal Science and Food Inspection University of University of Naples “Federico II” within the Project Murst 60% in 1990 “Energy balance and protein in buffaloes and cows.”
1995: graduated in Veterinary Medicine Degree at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Naples “Federico II”, with a score of 110/110 cum laude


Food Science and Technology, Animal production

Selected publications

  1. F. Sarubbi, G. Formisano, G. Auriemma, A. Arrichiello, R. Palomba (2016) Patulin in homogenized fruit’s and tomato products Foof Control 59, 420-423 ISSN: 0956-7135 DOI:10.1016/j.foodcont.2015.06.022
  2. F. Sarubbi, A. Chiariotti, R. Baculo, , G. Contò, S.A. Huws. (2014) Nutritive value of maize and sorghum silages: fibre fraction degradation and rumen microbial density in buffalo cows. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 59(6), 278-287
  3. L. Cigliano, M. Strazzullo, C. Rossetti, G. Grazioli, G. Auriemma, F. Sarubbi, C. Iannuzzi, L. Iannuzzi, M.S. Spagnuolo (2014) Characterization of blood redox status of early and mid-late lactating dairy cows. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 59 (4), 170-181
  4. Sarubbi F, Polimeno F, Auriemma G, Maglione G, Baculo R, Palomba R (2013). Effects of season calving and managements on lactating curves in two different farms (organic vs conventional) in buffalo cows. OPEN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCES, vol. 3, p. 83-87, ISSN: 2161-7627, doi: 10.4236/ojas.2013.31012
  5. Auriemma G, Baculo R, Palomba R, Sarubbi F (2013). Estimation of the Methane Emission Factor for Buffalo Cattle and Bulls. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science, 3, 223-227, ISSN: 2251-631X
  6. Sarubbi F, Palomba R, Baculo R, Auriemma G, Polimeno F, Maglione G (2013). Genetic and Phenotypic Analysis of Meat Quality Traits in Buffalo Beef and Correlations to Carcass Composition.. JOURNAL OF BUFFALO SCIENCE,vol. 2, p. 42-48, ISSN: 1927-5196, doi: 10.6000/1927-520X.2013.02.01.8
  7. Huws SA, Chiariotti A, Sarubbi F, Carfi F, Pace V (2012). Effects of feeding Mediterranean buffalo sorghum silage versus maize silage on the rumen microbiota and milk fatty acid content.. JOURNAL OF GENERAL AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY, vol. 58, p. 107-112, ISSN: 0022-1260, doi:
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