Rosella Muresu





Phone: +390792841607-602

Fax +390792841699

Address: ISPAAM-CNR, U.O.S. Sassari, Traversa La Crucca 3, 07100 Sassari

Education and Professional Experience

2002-2015: Researcher at ISPAAM Sassari

1993-2002: Researcher at Institute of Molecular Genetics, CNR Alghero, Sassari

1992: Researcher (Temporary position) at the Section of Population Genetics of the National Cancer Research (IST), Genoa, Italy

1991: Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London,

1989-1992: Second level Degree in Microbiology and Virology Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sassari

1988: Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Sassari


Molecular Genetic, Microbiology, Rhizobia, Plant Bacteria, Endophyte, Microorganism.

Selected publications (max 20)

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